Young stitchers

The Hobart Embroiderers’ Guild Young Stitchers Group (HEGYS) provides an opportunity for young stitching enthusiasts to develop their embroidery skills, and to have some fun! Young stitchers aged between 7 and 18 are welcome.


What do we do?
  • Basic stitches and all types of embroidery are taught.
  • Members are encouraged to be creative.
  • Members can participate in group projects that cater for different skill levels.
  • Members can display work at the biennial HEG exhibition.
  • See the HEGYS gallery for some samples of our young stitchers' work.
When are sessions held?

Sessions are held at an inner Hobart location every couple of weeks during the school term, on a Saturday from 1.30pm until 4.00pm.

Upcoming sessions

There are currently no sessions scheduled over the coming year. Please get in touch for more information.

What should members bring?
  • a suitable container (e.g. basket, sewing or fishing tackle box, bag)
  • embroidery scissors (need to be sharp and pointed)
  • assorted needles (recommended: crewel size 3/9; tapestry size 22 and 24; straw or milliner size 1-7)
  • pins
  • embroidery hoop (we have a small supply of hoops for lending)
What does it cost?

The annual fee is $45 per child, or $80 for two siblings, and is due from the first day of attendance.

How to join

Please contact Patricia on (03) 6249 8248 for more information. Places are limited so you need to check availability and request a membership form.